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Re-Launch Online Classes 2022! FREE CLASS

Updated: Dec 18, 2022

Online Classes participants get their FIRST CLASS FREE!

Use code: FREECLASS Book here Once you've selected the class time, fill in your details and select 'Pay For A Single Session' to apply code. PT clients get free access to Online Classes too.

Resistance Band Lunges
Resistance Band Workout - build strength without impact.

Classes Re-start Weds 6 Nov 2022

Class times:

Weds 6pm

Thurs 10am

Level: beginner/general.

What type of exercises?

Tone up without leaving your home or private space with a combination of strength exercises using resistance bands, stretches and body conditioning to build muscle tone, mobilise joints and ligaments, get the blood flowing and feel good. Just need enough room to stand and lie down.

Who are online classes for? Beginner to general.

If you're feeling out of shape it's a great way to get back into training with no impact, same if you've been injured and want to get going again and also if you're at an advanced level but want a good warm up for a weights session at the gym! It's also a great way to get beach body ready without leaving your home or doing any jumping or impact!


  • Yoga mat/equivalent

  • Resistance bands (2m strips)

  • Booty bands

  • [You can still join in with no equipment!]

Where to buy:

1. Booty Bands:

2. Resistance Bands: select the 2m one!

3. Yoga Mat: Any mat will do, I use a thick cheaper mat to cushion my back properly for abs and put a fancy natural organic one on top so I don't breathe in the chems!

You can also get 50% off your first Online PT! Use codes below:

30 mins FirstPT30

60 mins FirstPT60

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