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About iona


With over a decade of Personal Training experience and 15 years athletics and dance, I've developed a formula for a fully balanced Online workout drawing from all aspects of fitness to plan the best body conditioning and well-being programme for clients. My focus is strength based functional training using bodyweight, weights, barwork, resistance bands.


My sessions are a calm, effective, build solid technique, a strong beautiful body, engage muscles and core as well as rehab any injuries using a mix of Strength, Yoga and Pilates. I've learnt from all the injuries fellow dancers have experienced to build a body to prevent injury as best as possible as well as rehabilitate. 


Online Personal Trainer
Online Personal Trainer

As a dancer I use Strength Training and weights to condition my body I love the way it builds a beautiful strong muscles, encourages a healthy attitude towards food and is calming for the mind. I use stretch and core to maintain flexibility and nurture the body and muscles for lifelong training. Check out my fitness instagram @ionaPTfit and dance @iona_groove


Try out Fitness Coaching for advice and nutrition support; learn how to adapt your diet to reveal toned abs, increase energy, lean up, build healthy muscle tone and reduce body fat 30/60 min sessions available.


My exercise programmes are also excellent for helping with anxiety, depression and PTSD without over working the adrenals, if you've suffered exhaustion or fatigue in the past. Feel positive straight away. 




There's room for everyone in the world of fitness, each body type has an exercise style that suits them and it's my job as a Personal Trainer to find it. 

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