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What's New for 2024? Part 1

It's been a while but there's a lot been happening behind the scenes, 2024 started strong! I'm now working with Our Parks to provide Free strength classes to the local community.

Our Parks

Our Parks is an organisation that offers FREE classes to local residents, funded by the Government to help local communities get fit and strong.

It was founded in London by Born Barikor in 2014 and has now grown to cover the whole of the UK. Our Parks "... is a unique initiative bringing free, group exercise classes, led by fully qualified instructors, to parks near you in partnership with local authorities." read more here

It's a brilliant concept I've really enjoyed seeing their Classes over the years whilst doing Outdoor PT in Hackney Parks, so when they got in touch in January I was so pleased. It was great to meet Born in my interview and talk to the person behind the initiative. I'm all set up but yet to get my own class, when one comes up in Hackney I'll let you all know.

If you want to join in your local area I highly recommend checking out their website.

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