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Online PT - Remote Training

Updated: May 13, 2023

Having a great time working with clients in their homes and gyms. It is lovely meeting the babies too! My oldest client is 79 and youngest 3 months old (with the assistance of daddy of course). Check out Plans here:

Is it the same as traditional In-Person PT?

Yes! The only difference is that I'm not in your home physically but present via video call or Zoom where we plan a home workout routine, weekly goals, work on technique, progressive exercise programmes, food and nutrition coaching; develop a meal plan that's bespoke to your needs/allergies, all under the supervision of a remote PT.

Use any equipment you have at home, resistance bands, kettle bells, dumbbells, barbells, barwork and I'll develop a workout plan for you! All based around your goals and energy levels on the day including strength, core and stretch.

PT is about YOU whether you want a bespoke Core, Pilates session or HIIT or pure Abs or Strength/Weights, even Cardio

What Are the Advantages?

It's cheaper (!) because I can pass on the savings of travel time and costs to you the client. It also uses less energy in terms of calories burnt travelling, visiting a location, eating food out and being physically present, which again I can pass on.

You don't have to have a PT in your home, which a lot of people prefer. You can roll out of bed without tidying up or spending an hour getting ready to go out, switch on the call and go for it. No need to deal with Gym anxiety.

How Long Are Online PT Sessions?

Sessions can be 60 mins or 30 mins and the pace is totally dependent on your wants and needs; morning wake up 30 min stretch and mobiliser, 60 min personalised pilates and core, weight training, 30 min intense abs session or meal planning, trouble shooting.

Book your first PT session half price. First Class free.

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