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ionafit vibes.. Here's a couple of core exercises you can try out at home on your lunch break.

Keep it simple, just try out a 15 min workout, do a couple of exercises really well, concentrating on holding your form, stomach in. 10-20 reps, 3 sets of each. See how much better you feel after. Little and often.

I've used ankle weights to take it up a level but body weight is advisable at first. Slow, calm reps are very important, the conscious mind is quite slow and your movement needs to match it in order to maintain integrity of form. Keep shoulders down, hold in your centre and feel the flow!

Seated core and abs 1-3 sets:

  1. Single leg lower: 10-20 reps left and right

  2. Single leg arch: 10-20 reps left and right

These are the sort of exercises we do in Online PT and Online Classes.

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