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10% off a Bundle of 5 Zoom Classes! Get Beach Body Ready with me.

10% off a bundle of 5 Zoom Classes available now until 31 May!

Use code ABSCLASS5

30 mins at lunchtime 12:00-12:30 Weds, Thurs, Fri.

You can book as many or as few classes/week you like, up to 12hrs in advance and 5 weeks to use the bundle if you want to just do one per week.

All classes are Abs and Core based in the run up to Summer.

All levels welcome! Don't be shy I've been a PT for 10 years and can give beginner or advanced variations where needed. Most exercises are based on the floor so you need to be able to get down comfortably. A Yoga Mat or big towel is all you need. (Anyone older who's less mobile or has injuries that mean they can't get down onto the floor let me know if you'd like a stand up abs class).

30 mins is all you need to get stronger abs and a flatter stomach, super effective and can fit it in on your lunch break, just switch on and get ready. I find short intense bursts are more effective for abs. These are exercises I have to do myself and it's so much more fun if you join me! (You're helping me do my own homework basically).

Let's get ripped for Summer!

To find out more about the class, click here follow this link

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